Women Inspire Network Konnect

Women Working with Women Growing their Businesses One Referral at a Time.

WINK encourages women to build self-confidence and highlight their natural abilities. Our group is designed to enable women to excel through the power of collaboration with like-minded ladies through attending networking and social events. This kind of networking cultivates relationships that develop life-long friendships and inspiration.  Relationships like these are vital for your healthy living and personal growth! WINK “Konnects” you.
Many of our members are fortunate enough to have made wonderful connections and long-lasting relationships may not have been possible without WINK bringing them together.
Whether you are quiet – on the shy side – or even outgoing… trust us. We get it. Whether it be home life – work/life balance or personal situations… we are non-judgmental. WINK is a safe place for women to get together to vent, mingle and feel comfortable with one another.
Give WINK a chance to make you feel at home and let us help you work past those things hold you back, so you can grow your life into something amazing!
Our members tell us, the WINK network helps them create strong, feminine relationships!
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Wink & Mink Dinner

  • Date: 6/19/2019 10:30

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Yearly Advance Membership

  • Receive invitations to attend events, including networking receptions, luncheons, forums and special events.
  • A comprehensive listing of all of our WINK members appears on our website under the WINK directory.
  • Offer other WINK members exclusive offers.
  • Attend WINK Leads groups
  • Your will be a Part of WINK Group on Facebook
  • Eligible to be a Speaker at two of the WINK Events
  • We provide many opportunities to get to know other WINK Members at networking at all programs and events.
  • Discount on Website Ads
  • Discount on Wink Newsletter Ads
  • 2 Promotional Post on Facebook a month
  • Two Email Blasted a Year.
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